Weekly Wrap-Up #21

Time for a weekly wrap-up…

Just to let you know, this will have some announcements and things a bit later. But for now, what did I do this week?

  1. More Science Fair! UGH. I am so done with this, you don’t even know. I am passionate about my topic [desalination] but we have to do an experiment and it is just UGH. Science isn’t really my thing.
  2. I am writing TWO things right now. So, as you know, I am writing my new novel that no one has looked at yet to my knowledge. But we started the hero’s quest thing in school and we have to write a story for it. Being the go-getter and overachiever I am, I have mapped out each chapter and the word count final is 29k. WHY??? However, I am very excited, so I may be leaving the *main* novel for a bit to finish this. #sorrynotsorry
  3. I shadowed again at my future new school. And it was amazing. I cannot wait to go there. The students are really nice and fun, the teachers let you eat chocolate in class, and–yeah, it’s amazing. :D
  4. I really need to work on homework. Which I will do right after this. Probably. YES I WILL. I will. Probably. *facepalm*

I have some announcements.

Announcement #1:

My poll is closed. I got 16 responses, which I guess is good…?


Reveling in Words got the most votes, however my favorite is The Book Hugger. :'( I know that feedback from my readers is important, but I also want to choose what is my favorite. I will probably go with The Book Hugger. I like the sound of it; it’s easy to say and pronounce. It’s not too long, gets the point across. I just really enjoy it.

Announcement #2:

NINE DAYS UNTIL MY BLOGOVERSARY. And I really need to talk to my parents about self-hosting. So I will most likely go self-hosted near the end-ish of February.

Announcement #3:

Yes I am still reading Dreams of Gods and Monsters. Do not judge me. I have been very busy.

Announcement #4:

Starting soon, I am going to have a blogging schedule to balance out my blogging and writing life. It goes a little something like this.

Sunday: Blog and write

Monday: Write

Tuesday: Blog

Wednesday: Blog primarily

Thursday: Write

Friday: Blog primarily

Saturday: Blog and write

“Blog primarily” means blogging first, and then writing if I have time.

What I posted this week:

On Tuesday, I was awarded the Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award.

On Thursday, I reviewed and flailed about Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor.

On Friday, I replied to a comment about feminism for Feminist Fridays.


gurl animated GIF

So. What do you think of my name change and self-hosting-ness? Thoughts on above GIF? Do you have a blogging and/or writing schedule? Ever struggled through Science Fair? Tell me in the comments below and make my day.

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up #21

  1. I don’t actually know what a science fair is – our school doesn’t have anything like that!
    Good luck with going self-hosted! It’s something I’ve been contemplating myself so it would be nice to hear your experiences. :-) And if The Book Hugger is the name that you like best, you should definitely go with that one.

    I’m falling behind on my writing (it’s more something I do if I have lots of free time, rather than a priority) so maybe I’ll give a schedule like yours a go!

    • Science fair is a ginormous project that takes a few months. You have to have a topic and hypothesis and experiment and stuff. Not my cup of tea.
      I’m a little scared but really excited about going self-hosted. I’ll probably do a post afterward to educate people and share my experience.
      I’m hoping my schedule works! *fingers crossed* Good luck with yours, too. :)

  2. I love the name Book Hugger! It’s so cute <3
    I applaud you for finding time to blog AND write- it seems as though whenever I get more into blogging I lose all of my writing time, and vice versa. It's awesome that you can manage your schedule to do both! :)

  3. Ooh, science fairs are fun, although they can be really stressful sometimes. I am a self-proclaimed steminist, or someone that’s a feminist for girls in STEM. :D

    We’re also learning about the hero quest in school. I only had to analyze a story-not write one, but geez, Chloe, 29k for a school story is amazing.

    I voted for Reveling in Words, but the Book Hugger is a really nice name, too.

    • I’m not really a science person, but it’s cool you like them! “Steminist” is a pretty awesome name. <3
      Are we like, doing the same curriculum??? XD Remember the dragon lab thing? XD Yeah, whenever I tell my classmates who don't write, their faces are: O.O Hopefully I can pull it off.

  4. I’ve never done a science fair in my life, but it sounds super fun! I personally voted for “Stay The Same” but I was really torn between The Book Hugger and that. I definitely say go with my gut. I had a lot of responses for my survey and yes, I incorporated some of the feedback but if there was something I disagreed with, I didn’t change anything. It’s your blog, and I think having a name you love is really important!

  5. I so know what you mean about being interested in the concept of desalinazation but hating the project> I had one in home ec as a freshman in high school way back when and had to build a room in a house out of cardboard with all kinds of victorian features to prove I knew about them. I got a bad grade but oh, well. I went on to graduate anyway!

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