Book Review of Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour and Top Ten Tuesday

Last night, I turned on my old Taylor Swift tunes and curled up in bed with Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. I heard of the book first from Christine the booktuber aka polanbananasBOOKS. She is great. So, I was watching one of her videos about cutesy, warm-and-fuzzy feeling contemporary novels, and this book came up. It sounded really good. Yesterday, when we went to the library, I found it! And finished it this morning. Oh, yeah, I’m Super Reader!

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SPOILER ALERT! If you wish to read this book, do not read until you see this GIF: page animated GIF 

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour isn’t a love story, despite the cover, which shows a boy and a girl holding hands on a highway. The cover is very misleading. That scene never even happens! But Amy and Roger don’t actually know they have feelings for each other until page 321. And there are 343 pages in the book! And then, it just…ends. No more. I see what Christine meant about contemporary novels being very frustrating. Of course, this is only one book. Still.

Here’s what happens in the book: Amy’s father dies a few months before the book starts. Amy is living on her own in their house while her mother’s in Connecticut and her brother is in rehab. Then, her mother sets it up for her to drive with this guy, Roger, to Connecticut. They end up taking their own route and doing little “errands” to throw their problems out the window.

I really like how there are flashbacks in the story, so one chapter will be present day and then you’ll go six months back in the next chapter. It gives the reader insight on why the characters do things and what happened in their past life to make them feel this way. For example, in one of the chapters there’s a flashback scene when Charlie, Amy’s twin brother, is going to a party on a Tuesday night and wants Amy to cover for him. She gets angry and threatens to tell their parents, but she ends up giving in.

Throughout the book, there are little things Amy doesn’t want to do that seem odd but insignificant. She won’t buy new sunglasses, even though it’s really sunny. She doesn’t want Elvis to be played in the car, even though she grew up with his music. The reader has to make inferences using the flashbacks to understand why she won’t do those things. I seriously had no clue why Amy wouldn’t just buy the sunglasses. I was like, come on, Amy, they are sunglasses. Just buy them! I thought she didn’t want to listen to Elvis because it was her father’s favorite music, and in the book he died only a few months before. Turns out, when her father died, she and her father were being serenaded by the King.

A big mystery through almost the entire book is how Amy’s father dies. The story of how it happens begins on page 307. It’s a car crash, which is why she won’t drive. Her sunglasses shatter during the accident, and she won’t buy new ones. They were listening to Elvis. It all seemed to fit together once the story of how her father died was revealed.

Another secret thing is Hadley, Roger’s ex-girlfriend. They end up taking a detour to see her so Roger can try to fix things between them. During the beginning of the road trip, Roger is always on his cell phone, and Amy pretends not to notice. He keeps calling Hadley, but she never answers. Eventually they make it to her estate, and Roger says goodbye. And that’s that.

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I highly recommend Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour to anyone that enjoys a nice, calm book once in a while, road trips, and a complex relationship.


I like the pink one more.

It’s Tuesday…You know what that that means? It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday! And this TTT I will be doing my top ten favorite car tunes, for Amy and Roger to listen to. They are in no particular order.

Top Ten Favorite Car Tunes

1. A Place in This World-Taylor Swift

2. I Won’t Give Up-Jason Mraz

3. Defying Gravity-Wicked

4. Magic-Coldplay

5. I Want Crazy-Hunter Hayes

6. Red-Taylor Swift

7. Made in America-Cimorelli

8. Everything Has Changed-Taylor Swift

9. Compass-Lady Antebellum

10. Brave-Sara Bareilles

That’s all, folks.