WritingastoryrightafterIreadabookitis and Happy Earth Day!

Today I learned I suffer from a severe medical condition called writingastoryrightafterIreadabookitis. That is the medical terminology, but to break it down it means that right after I read a book, I will either write a story or form one in my head, only realize later that it’s exactly like the book I just read!!! And then I go, “AAAAARGH!!!!” You’ve probably never heard of it. Many people have it, but are undiagnosed. Unfortunately, so far they have not found a cure. If you suffer from this -itis, I am sorry for you but can relate.

By now you have probably realized I’m making this up. Hopefully you have. If you haven’t there is nothing I can do to help you.

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Anyway, although I made this up, it is true I suffer from this. After a read a book or watch a movie, I usually will have an idea for a story that is almost identical to watch I just read/watched. It REALLY frustrates me!!!

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If this also happens to you, please comment below about it…down animated GIF

Yes, doooown. Click on the box and type. See? Easy.

I just wanted to recognize that sad disease.

Also, HAPPY BELATED EARTH DAY!!! *party music*

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The day we celebrate our lovely Earth. Put in the comment below what you did or are doing to celebrate Earth Day!

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To celebrate Earth Day, my teacher showed us a video about how humans are changing Earth. A little depressing, but also hopeful! Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvgG-pxlobk It’s a really interesting video.

Yet again, happy Earth day. Appreciate the Earth and all it does for us. It provides us with water, food, and places to live. It keeps us alive. And how do we repay it? With global warming! Think about it…

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Yes, I know, my second post today. Enjoy!

Keep the Earth happy and healthy,