Weekly Wrap-Up #9

I know, I will write after this… I just need a tiny break. So what happened this week?

  1. NaNoWriMo began! I’m a little jittery, a little scared, and mostly excited. Instead of 50k I’m lowering it to 40k, just because it’s my first NaNo. [I did Camp, but I just continued Nakoma and wrote 20k]. Yesterday I wrote about 1.85k, which exceeded my word count. :)
  2. MHM got tons of people. Originally, I was going to shut down my other blog, AGV, for a month, but then Engie stepped in and offered to run it. So she’s now the blogger behind AGV! And she promoted my linkup, My Hero Monday, which now has, like, SIX people. I am STOKED. Thank you, Engie!!!
  3. I bought Taylor Swift’s new album from iTunes. And, god, am I loving it. “1989” is one of my favorite by her. At first, I was a little shaky about it when I heard “Shake It Off,” but now I actually LOVE that song. My favorite, however, is “Blank Space.” This is gonna be forever / Or it’s gonna go down in flames.
  4. Halloween happened. It was quite uneventful for me, seeing it rained and we couldn’t go trick or treating. :(
  5. I reached 80 followers! [I actually, as of now, have 81.] Thank you soooo much. I am going to sound so cheesy, but I love you all. Thank you for reading my posts, even if you don’t like or comment. *ahem*

And my posts this week…

On Tuesday I posted some advice about life.

On Wednesday I reviewed Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare.

On Thursday I freaked everyone out by reminding them that NaNo was in two days.

On Friday I showed you my NaNo survival kit.

NaNoWriMo started on Saturday!

And a NaNoWriMo update…

Technology-wise: YWP still doesn’t enjoy my computer, but I’m dealing with it.

Writing-wise: I haven’t written today, but I will after this post.

WORD COUNT TOTAL: 1854 words


NaNoWriMo Starts Today!

This is not off to a great start. YWP is not opening! So I’m making an account on the original site, and I am very very very angry. My username is CarpeLibrum<3, same as on the Camp NaNo website. I’ve got everything up, but if you’re on YWP, I won’t be able to reach you. :(

And now YWP just worked.


Forget everything I just said above.

Okay. Now that that’s dealt with, let’s get on with things.

I woke up at 6-ish and read for about an hour, then looked for my phone and realized it had not been charging last night. YAY. So I checked my IG, plugged it in, and at about 7:30, made my tea ad got on here.

I’m aiming for a little over 1k today, but NaNo has not calculated yet.

I have my tea, inspirational quotes, candy… I’m set!

I guess I need to write…

I’ll do the wrap-up at the end of the month, and try to post weekly.

Good luck on your NaNo, and work hard!


NaNoWrimo is in Two Days–Are You Ready?

I don’t even know if I’m ready, to be frank. I have left Nakoma hanging for more than a week, and I feel terribly guilty. I have also given up on outlining–I have my character bios and some chapters’ topics and a map of NYC. I’m just going to jump in with what I’ve got. AND I DO HAVE SOMETHING. Okay?

Instead of going on and on and on about my novel for NaNo, I am going to talk about NaNo itself. Because I already talked [or rather, wrote/typed] about it in another post. If you haven’t read it, your loss.

How have you prepared for NaNoWriMo?

Well. I did bios of my main characters, to get to know them better. And I did about three pieces of dialogue. I know, it’s not a lot, but I got rather stuck and then school happened. So. I also brainstormed a bit. I also just realized I could have outlined on Scrivener, which I might do after choir today and after school tomorrow. I also uploaded all the stuff about my novel to the YWP site [because I’m a teen and PROUD]. Y’know, my synopsis, title, word count goal, and the bee-yoo-ti-ful cover.

How will you manage school and NaNo?

That is a very good question. I will do my homework diligently and quickly, try to stay focused during school, and get as much homework done in class as possible. Hopefully I won’t have any huge projects to do.

Is it possible to still go out with your friends and socialize? Or will you stay in your room and write every day?

I will still be going out with my friends and on outings and such, but less frequently. I will only use my phone for texting and calling, no editing or social media. I see my friends at school, so that’s okay.

How will you manage your blogs and social media?

I will post once a week here and give an update on how I’m doing, along with some uplifting quotes/videos/etc., but my posts will probably be very short. My other blog, AGV, is being managed by Engie @ Musings From Neville’s Navel. :)

Like I said, my social media [which only consists of Instagram and Goodreads, possibly] will be ignored.

Will you read?

I’ll read during school and once I meet my word count goals for the day, but otherwise I will write. I will probably take a while to read a book, and will just post the cover, bits of info, and the overall rating, unless I feel it has to be reviewed properly.

Have you ever done NaNoWriMo before? If so, what was the outcome?

I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo during July just to work on Nakoma. I wrote 20,000 words and it almost killed me. I am scared for November.

Are you on the Young Writers Program or the regular website?

I’m on YWP, because:

a) you can choose your word count


b) the website is for a younger audience, and I would like to meet people closer to my own age.

My username is CarmineRose [I attempted to change it to spreading_my_wings but it never went through]. Feel free to message me! Just tell me your blog alias so I know who you are.

Here is a video by one of my favorite booktubers, Katytastic. In it, she discussed 5 ways to prepare yourself for NaNoWriMo. Sorry this is a bit late, but I still hope you will find this helpful. :)

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Tell me in the comments below. :)


I. Hate. WordPress.|More About My NaNo Novel :)

So, WordPress kind of sucks right now. My posts are not posting! And I need them to post! I’m sorry I posted my wrap-up, like, way too late, but WordPress died on me. Grr. Makes me want to punch it!!!! [Or send an angry letter.]

Anyway. Enough of my ranting. I have stuff to do!


I am so off-topic right now. GOD.

So, Cait over at The Notebook Sisters recently told us about her NaNo novel. I know I’ve told you about mine and my outlining [which I’m falling behind on], but I’ve decided to elaborate with a Beautiful Books Linkup. :) Sound fun? Let’s go!

A brief synopsis of my novel [from YWP]:

Cait is attending WeBlogCon, and is prepared for a normal convention. Her idea of normal consists of meeting her online friends, attending a few talks, and talking a bit herself, all while exploring NYC with her friends. But Cait isn’t prepared for Dean, whom she thought was boyfriend-potential. He is so different from his online self. And then there’s the offer from the TV company and WeBlog. Can Cait handle the stress? And will she agree to what WeBlog has to offer? Or will she retreat to her home in California?

What came first: characters or plot idea? Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I think the plot came first. I want to do something I know about and am familiar with, and I want to do a contemporary. [Since Nakoma is kind of intense.] My dad actually helped me come up with a conflict.

In the past, I’ve been an almost complete panster. That is what Nakoma was born from. But for this NaNo, I want to be a plotter, because I don’t have much time, what with school and everything, to go on a whim, especially if it’s only a month.

Do you have a title and/or a “back-cover-blurb”?
Title: Bloggish
It’s like bookish, but for bloggers! Are you bloggish?

Cait is attending WeBlogCon, and is prepared for a normal convention. Her idea of normal consists of meeting her online friends, attending a few talks, and talking a bit herself, all while exploring NYC with her friends. But Cait isn’t prepared for Dean, whom she thought was boyfriend-potential. He is so different from his online self. And then there’s the offer from the TV company and WeBlog. Can Cait handle the stress? And will she agree to what WeBlog has to offer? Or will she retreat to her home in California?
What wordcount are you aiming for when your novel is finished?
40k to 50k. I’m going to set the bar at 40k.
Sum up your novel in 3 sentences.
A convention in NYC.
A boy with secrets.
And a surprise.
[I know, it’s very vague.]
Sum up your characters in one word each.
Cait [MC, and narrator]: Bookcake.
Bloggy friends:
Dean: Different.
Belle: Smiley.
Kai: Mainstream.
Gracelyn: Pink.
Xavier: Adorable.
Jazmine: Perfect.
Brandon: Short. [:P]
Amanda: Fangirl.
Loren: Ocean.
Kat: Fun. :D
Kelly: Serious.
Margot-Willa: Autumn.
Which character are you most excited to write? Tell us about them!
I’m really excited to write the twins, Kat and Kelly, because they’re kind of opposites. I really need to work on their dialogue, though.
What about your villain? Who is s/he, what is his/her goal?
The only “villain” or “bad guy” is Cait and her uncertainty. I guess Dean is also kind of a villain, but not quite.
What is your protagonist’s goal? And what stands in the way?
Cait has a few goals: to make up her mind about some stuff I can’t say, and to figure out Dean. What stands in her way is herself.
What inciting incident begins your protagonist’s journey?
I don’t know if it’s “inciting” but Cait’s journey as a blogger begins in June 2009 when her cousin, Jessica [this name may change], celebrates her 1-year blogoversary. Then Cait meets all these fantastic people online and has BUCKETS of fun. :)
Where is your novel set?
In the US, partly in Monterey, California, and partly in NYC.
What are three big scenes in your novel that change the game completely?
  1. When Cait meets Dean in real life for the first time.
  2. When WeBlog offers her…something [no spoilers!].
  3. When a TV company ALSO offers Cait…something.

[These subject to change at any given time.]

What is the most dynamic relationship your character has? Who else do they come in contact with or become close to during the story?
I think the most “dynamic” relationship my character has would be with Belle, who is her friend on the internet, and when they meet, it’s like friend-love at first sight. <3
How does your protagonist change by the end of the novel?
  • becomes more confident
  • becomes more open
  • is a little sadder
  • knows more about the “real world”
Do you have an ending in mind, or do you plan to see what happens?
I have a vague happily-ever-after, but it’s VERY vague. :P
What are your hopes and dreams for your book? What impressions are you hoping this novel will leave on your readers and yourself?
I just hope to finish it during NaNo, and to have it be as warm and fuzzy as I want it to be, along with a little sadness and bittersweetness. I want it to follow my outline, and I want to just be happy about it in general. :)
I’m hoping readers will come away with the knowledge that although the world isn’t going to be all rainbows and sunshine, you can make a happy ending the best you can, and that you can be successful.
I also hope that readers/fans will make quote-thingies with quotes from the book, because many accomplished authors have that.
I hope you enjoyed the lovely tag. :)
Before we go:
  • I’m getting my iPhone 5c today! As soon as I get home! Almost as good as getting books. :)
  • I will be changing to my own domain soon! Let me know if you think I should change my blog name to something more bookish. And if anyone has moved to their own domain [Hey, Sam!], I was wondering how to move followers, posts, and the like. Thanks bunches!
  • I love you soo much. <3

Get to Know Your Characters

I’ve realized that I don’t do enough thoughtful posts. Lately I’ve been posting book reviews, TTTs, and the like. So I’m going to try to write at least one thoughtful post, about writing or reading, every week.

Guess what? It’s NaNoPrepMo!

And that means that this is the month to prepare for your NaNo novel. [Comment below if you’re doing NaNoWriMo!] Outline, plan your characters, come up with some plot twists, et cetera. I’m usually a panster, a.k.a. someone who jumps right in, no planning at all. Take a look at this handy post I found on the NaNoWriMo forums:

If you aren’t familiar with the terms, the general definitions are as follows:

Plotter: The most straightforward of all writers. This writer plans out the entire manuscript. Perhaps he creates a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the novel. Maybe she positions sticky-notes on her wall, like a shrine to the novel it will become. Or maybe he’s like J.K. Rowling and uses a spreadsheet to keep the story–complete with subplots–straight. Basically, the plotter, as the name would imply, carefully constructs the plot before typing the first word.

Pantser: The anti-plotter. This writer likes to “fly by the seat of his pants,” hence the name. She is most likely to throw caution to the wind–and never mind if the heroine’s name changes from Keith to Kevin halfway through the third chapter.

Plantser: The Plotter/Pantser hybrid. This writer makes rough notes as a general guide but prefers to keep a more fluid outline. This could be anything from index cards on which major plot points are written, to a rough idea of what will make up the beginning, middle, and ending, to detailed character sketches and a clear story question and desired outcome–with everything subject to change.

-E. M. Caines

So I’m a pantser. When I started Nakoma, I honestly didn’t know what would happen next, which characters would come in, whom would betray whom–I trusted my instincts and basically, in the first chapter, wrote a biography of Nakoma, the MC.

But back to the point.

For NaNoWriMo 2014, I’m attempting to lean more in the direction of a plotter. I’ve come up with a plot, thirteen major characters, and even have a nice little folder for all of my planning and plotting.

My folder. [Yes, that is a NaNoWriMo background. :) ]


My documents inside my folder. From top to bottom: Characters; Novel; NYC; Timeline.












So I’m very organized. But I didn’t write this post today to tell you about organization [Another time, perhaps.]. This post is about your characters.

One of the ways to prepare for NaNoWriMo, or Camp NaNoWriMo, or any new project [particularly a novel] is to get to know your characters. I came up with three steps to get to know your characters. I’ve just completed Step 2.

  1. Make a list of your top ten to fifteen characters. Write down their names and their relationships to the MC(s). Include the MC in this list. You don’t have to put down much information or put any thought into it. You can change the characters’ names later on if you wish. I know I did. And it doesn’t have to be on a computer in your special documents; I wrote my list in an old notebook while camping. Whenever inspiration strikes, write it down. Here’s my list: nanoprepmoscan1
  2. “Ask” them questions/list facts about them. To get to know your characters better, find out information about them. You can list the questions and put down answers like the character would, or do a profile of them. I also find it helpful to search the internet for images that fit your characters. You can type in “girl with brown hair and blue eyes” and get thousands of results. Most of them will be selfies. Here is the profile for my main character, Cait: bloggishcaitFor this novel, most of the characters are bloggers, which is why I added “Blog” and “Username.” Here are some questions to ask your characters: name, age, birthday, hair, eyes, height, hobbies, nickname, family members, pets, where they live, favorites [color, band, food etc.].
  3. Put them in dialogue pieces together. I have yet to do this, but I can’t wait. Put two or more of your characters in a room together, and see what happens. Let them talk. Are they sassy and sarcastic? Let them. Do they want to date the other character? Let them flirt. Are they scared? Show how they’re scared. Let the characters do it all; you just have to write it down. Don’t force them to be one way or another. Of course, you’re their creator, so ultimately it’s up to you. Start with a basic idea, and let it go from there.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughtful post. :) I’m off to type up a thing for my mom. Do you use these steps? Will you in the future? And should I write more posts about writing? Tell me in the comments below.