Book to Movie Adaptations

Book to movie adaptations are, in general, not as good as the book they’re based on. Many times they’ll take out parts from the book for the screenplay because the movie would be too long (i.e. Harry Potter series), but sometimes they’ll change things just ‘cuz. That really bugs me, because if it’s not going to make it too long, why change it? For example, in TFIOS, Isaac’s hair is supposed to be blonde, but in the movie its dark brown/black. Watdaheck?! How hard is it to either: a) find an actor with blonde hair, or b) dye his hair, or even c) get him a wig so it’s true to the book.


I feel like there should also be an Oscar for best book writing that gets turned into a movie but noooo, it’s only for the screenplay writer. JOHN GREEN WON’T GET AN OSCAR!!!

So, to John Green, hi, here is your Oscar, for the best book written in a really long time that got turned into a movie. And for being on set almost every day. Congrats!

celebrate animated GIF

Just wanted to say that. Have a nice day, I’ll see you…tomorrow…probably.