NaNoWriMo Survival Kit + Happy Halloween :)

NaNoWriMo is in less than a day. O.O I will not be starting at midnight, but early in the morning.

I thought now would be a good time to make a survival kit for NaNo. Watch Kat’s video!

If you’re too lazy to watch, here is the list of her needs for NaNoWriMo:

  • computer, tablet, notebook–something to write on
  • USB drive–to save work
  • notebooks–for other writerly stuffs
  • caffeine–coffee, tea
  • food–quick and easy, unless your parents feed you :P
  • candy–people DIE when they don’t eat candy during NaNo [plus, all the candy’s on discount now :) ]
  • phone–to play music and/or time writing sprints
  • office supplies–highlighters, pens, pencils, index cards, colored pencils
  • things to keep warm in–Snuggie, fingerless gloves, sweatpants

I like Kat’s list, but here is my own version:

My Computer

To write on. Duh.


Yup. That’s my awesome computer with awesome stickers. Jealous? You should be.


I’m using this to outline and write on. I got it 50% off for winning Camp NaNoWriMo, which was pretty awesome! I love Scrivener, even though I just started using it yesterday. XD



I cannot write without music. But I have to turn it waaaay down, otherwise I can’t think. I’m using my phone to play music, so I can turn off my internet. I just got Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, which I’m listening to right now. I really like it! <3



This is my source of caffeine. I do not like coffee, and tea is a lovely alternative. What can I say? I’m British at heart. XD I drink Tazo Earl Grey infused with lavender. It’s sooo good.



I heard people can die if they don’t eat candy during NaNoWriMo. I DO NOT WANT TO DIE!!! I’m going trick-or-treating tonight if it stops raining, but otherwise we have a giant bag of candy to eat from. I will be hoarding it.



I adore Nutella. It is a chocolate spread–how can you not like it???


That’s my list. :) Now on to the second part of this post: Halloween!

Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays. YOU GET FREE CANDY. What’s not to like? This year I’m going as Piper McLean. :) Or just a demigod. At school, we had a dance, which was actually pretty fun. :D They gave us candy and other junk food and we got to dance. My best friend, Victoria [or Vicky] and I had a blast, especially dancing to “Shake It Off”–I love that song. It was way better than last year, wen they played a movie during it.

What are you doing for Halloween? And what’s in your NaNoWriMo Survival Kit? Tell me in the comments below.


Re-thinking My Negative Feelings and Criticisms Towards “The Hunger Games”

I know, a long title. A mouthful.

Ever since I completed The Hunger Games trilogy in the spring of 2014, I have disliked it. I didn’t like the writing style of Suzanne Collins, I thought the second and third books were unnecessary–I didn’t even like Katniss! [Notice this is all past tense.] But I recently popped over to Musings From Neville’s Navel to read Engie’s newest post about THG. It was her reaction to the trailer for Mockingjay Part 1. She included the trailer in her post, so I thought, well, why don’t I watch it? I haven’t seen the first two movies, but I’d seen the first movie trailer.

This trailer, though.

As soon as it finished, I was just, OMG; I have to see this. I have been told the movies are better than the books, a rare occurrence in book-to-movie adaptations, so maybe I should just watch the movies! But then I decided to give them a second chance. Why?

Here is a Pros and Cons list for THG.


  • Sweet little Prim.
  • The plot is unique.
  • I actually liked the first book!
  • There is [mostly] constant action.


  • I dislike the writing.
  • Some parts are slow.
  • In Mockingjay, Katniss spends a good amount of time in a basement. Doing nothing.
  • How time passes is weird.
  • I don’t like Katniss.
  • I don’t like Peeta.
  • I don’t like the Districts.
  • The second and third books are unnecessary.
  • I was really confused in some parts!

As you can see, the cons overwhelm the pros. But I am willing to give it a second chance! I am just that type of person!

As soon as my TBR list as been…read a bit more, I’ll buy THG and reread them. Maybe I’ll get them for my birthday…? [Which, BTW, is October 24. Frankly, all I want is to celebrate with my bestest bloggy friends, but I doubt that will happen…]

Here is the trailer:

What are your reactions to the trailer? Will you be watching Mockingjay Part 1? Of so, are you going when it first comes out, the premiere, or just when you feel like it? Tell me in the comments below. [There is more of this post, BTW.]

I just realized…September is fading away! Quite fast, actually. And that means October, my absolute favorite month of the year. Because where I live, the weather gets warm-ish, but not too warm like this week, there’s Halloween [a.k.a. Fangirls Unite!], and…my birthday!!! Which I mentioned above. It’s on the 24th, exactly a week before Halloween. October is actually a pretty exciting month this year.

Oct. 6: Start of fall break!

Oct. 7: The Blood of Olympus comes out! YAAAY!!!

Oct. 13: I meet Marissa Meyer! YAAAAY!!!

Oct. 14: End of fall break, a.k.a. school, which is pretty fun. I’ll miss it by then.

Oct. 24: My birthday!

Oct. 30: My friend Celeste’s birthday!

Oct. 31: Halloween!

The Blood of Olympus comes out during fall break, I just realized. That is good and bad. Good, because I don’t have to wear my uniform and can wear orange/blue instead (!!!), but bad because we might not be at home. We might be in a cabin, camping, without WiFi. :( Better check with my parents. ‘Cuz I have to do a major fangirling post on that day.

fangirling animated GIF

This post was supposed to be about THG…Oh, well. :P


Are you looking forward to anything in October? Tell me in the comments below.