TCWT August Blog Chain

Second post today, so sorry, breathless…Hm. I was supposed to do the blog chain yesterday, but, because I’m so crazy, I forgot! Sorry!!!

“What character are you most like?”

Hermione Granger You had to know I’d do her. I mean, come on. We both are intelligent and generally levelheaded. But we both can be emotional at times. This is so me! I tend to be a [relatively] organized person, who keeps her head on straight. I stick up for what I believe in [S.P.E.W., anyone?] and for the people I love. Maybe I am at the top of my class…I don’t know really. I LOVE reading, and I do, um, correct people. A lot.

harry potter animated GIF

Plus, we both have impossibly frizzy and poofy hair. And messed up teeth. [Actually, I have braces now, so…]

Sometimes I am so emotionally unstable, it’s just laughable. Today, there were complications with some homework–no biggie, right?–and I started crying. Crying. Whenever anything happens, and this has gone on lately, I will just use it to channel all my negative feelings and end up a crying mess. But then again, I am really skilled at looking completely together on the outside and saying “I’m fine,” when honestly I want to break down. So it just depends. The latter happens at school, when I’m around people. At home, I’m completely different.

We’ve both dressed up prettily and gone to a dance. But mine was not as emotional. Poor Hermione.

harry potter animated GIF

Hermione represents my bookish, nerdy, intelligent, school-y side. At home, I am so much different. And on this blog, too! At school, I am a wallflower, the studious, quiet girl who gets good grades and writes. She is pretty bad at sports, has a few friends, and is really good at spelling.

Is it bad that I’m trying to break free of that label? I want to express myself more, dye my hair, get a new haircut, dress differently, be freer. Whenever I mention dying my hair or something, my friends look at me like I’m crazy and say, “Really? You, Chloe? That’s not you at all.” And it makes me aggravated! But I’m [probably] going to a new school next year, and I plan on reinventing myself.

Hermione and I have so much in common. I love her to death! She is such a good role model (you can see my post about her on TIMV here).