Chloe Edition

Au-thor, noun: Someone who attempts to write stories, drinking caffeine to stay alive. May participate in the art of NaNoWriMoing. Introvert. [Alternate form: au-thor-ess.]

Brag-ging rights, noun: What authors get once they complete a piece. Or NaNoWriMo.

Caf-feine, noun: The substance authors drink to stay alive. Comes in the form of coffee, tea, or any variations of the above said.

Choc-o-late, noun: The other substance that keeps authors alive.

Crap, noun: What some authors may call their first drafts.

Death, noun: What authors may do to characters to torture the other characters and readers. And we are not sorry.

Di-sci-pline, noun: The only way to write.

Ea-sy, adjective: An adjective never used to describe writing.

Ed-i-ting, verb: To take a first draft, rip it apart, and sew it back together with new thread. Change everything, and come out of it with something perhaps worth sending to a publisher.

Gram-mar, noun: What authors correct and texting messes up.

Hon-est feed-back, noun: What authors never get.

In-ner de-vil, noun: When authors kill characters and become sociopaths.

In-ner e-di-tor, noun: The person authors become when they need to. Tend to feverishly correct mistakes of spelling, grammar, and the like.

In-sta-gram, noun: A form of distraction.

In-ter-net, noun: The World Wide Web, complete with everything an author needs to become distracted and henceforth, procrastinate. See procrastination, YouTube, Instagram.

Plot twist, noun: What authors write to keep their readers entertained.

Procrastination, noun: What authors really do when they “write.” See Internet, YouTube, Instagram.

Re-vi-sing, verb: See above, editing.

Spel-ling, noun: Another thing authors like to correct. And texting messes up.

Words, noun: What authors put on pages. Easy as pie.

Wri-ting, verb: What authors claim to do.

Wri-ting-a-stor-y-right-af-ter-you-read-a-book-i-tis, noun: A serious medical condition with no treatment in which an author comes up with plotlines only slightly different from their most recent reading.

You-Tube, noun: A form of distraction.

This is my dictionary of bookish words for authors and anyone else interested.

Do you have any more words to add to this dictionary?

Use the form below to tell me. If I like them, I’ll upload them to here in your own edition AND I’ll post about it on my blog! How cool is that? So don’t be shy; submit your words.

2 thoughts on “Dictionary

  1. This is SO CUTE, oh my gosh. (Also ridiculously accurate. ESPECIALLY the “caffeine” and “chocolate” entries.)
    I must add, though, being the conventions nazi that I am, I believe you may have made a typo – you spelled “grammer” wrong. It’s actually “grammar”. ;)

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