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Chapters 24 and 25 of Nakoma has been added to the Googledoc under “My Writing.” Check it out!


Back From Nature :)

Yes, nature was fun. Now on to the important things.

  1. The Blood of Olympus is not in my hands! It is coming in a few days. :( I feel very left out. 
  2. NaNoPrepMo is this month. While camping, I made the decision that I will be writing a completely new novel during November. It is currently called The Blog Project, which is the temporary name instead of the standby Untitled. Here is a short summary: Cait is attending WeBlogCon, and is prepared for a normal convention. Her idea of normal consists of meeting her online friends, attending a few talks, and talking a bit herself, all while exploring NYC with her friends. But Cait isn’t prepared for Dean, whom she thought was boyfriend-potential. He is so different from his online self. And then there’s the offer from the TV company and WeBlog. Can Cait handle the stress? And will she agree to what WeBlog has to offer? Or will she retreat to her home in California? blogproject
  3. I’m doing really well on the 100-4-100!
  4. Look for a new page called My Writing. It will have The Blog Project and a link to Nakoma, if I can get it on a googledoc. I finished Chapter 24, too!

I can’t wait to start on NaNoWriMo, but I know I have to focus on Nakoma for now. [Isn’t The Blog Project cover beautiful?]

Off to do…stuff. I’ll post my review of Mockingjay tomorrow. I’m currently reading Clockwork Angel.


Weekly Wrap-Up #4

Another week has gone by. I’ve had projects due, more homework, and I read a book (or two). I also lent If I Stay and Fangirl to some friends. Let’s get on to the posts!

On Saturday, I did the TCWT blog chain. It was about my favorite book endings and beginnings. Go see the Teens Can Write, Too blog here. The question was really fun and I had a blast [Does that sound weird?] answering the question. If you have a blog and haven’t done the TCWT chain before, do it!

On Sunday, I reviewed Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, which I loved so much.

On Monday, I introduced 10 simple things to do for a blogger. Dare you to do all ten today! :P

On Tuesday, I participated in Top Ten Tuesday and talked about Banned Books Week. What *banned* books did you read this week?

On Wednesday, I added Chapter Twenty-Three to Nakoma and reviewed Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. [And my power cord for my computer broke.]

On Thursday, I participated in the first ever linkup for Loony Blurbs, hosted by Emily @ The Loony Teen Writer, whose blog you can see here.

I’m still going at the 100-4-100 challenge…Except I didn’t write yesterday. But I will today! Promise!

Also: I want some beta readers for my novel. I want people who:

  1. Will give me honest feedback.
  2. Will give me constructive criticism.
  3. Know their way around a novel.
  4. Have enough time to be a beta reader.
  5. Enjoy the plot/genre of my novel.
  6. Are supportive.

If you can say YES to at least half of these and are interested, please comment below. I will have to email you each chapter, so be sure you’re comfortable with that. If not, and you still really want to, we can work something out.

Do you participate in TCWT blog chains? Do you like them? Did you read any *banned* books this week? Did you participate in Loony Blurbs? Are you interested in being one of my beta readers? Tell me in the comments below.


Let’s Talk to My Characters

Since Day 1 of the 100-4-100 is tomorrow, and I’m kind of stuck on Nakoma, I thought I should do this writer-y technique I saw on NaNoWriMo or Go Teen Writers or something like that. You put some of your characters in a room, and just let them talk. They talk about the plot, what they think, what should happen next, etc. I encourage you to do this, too!

Let’s get started.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read past this point if you are not up-to-date with my WIP, Nakoma. There will be many spoilers. You can read it here.

*enter Nakoma, Jay, Silas, Daisy, Alec, Marian, and Falia*

ME: Welcome, everyone. I’m glad you could come. Please, take a seat. First of all, what do you think about the plot so far? Nakoma?

Nakoma: You are so cruel to me, making all of my friends and family horrible and turn against me–

Jay: What about me?

Nakoma: She’ll probably do it to you, too, with that heart of ice she has!

ME: Thank you, Nakoma. Anyone else?

Falia: I’m glad that Nakoma and I found each other, but I wish we could spend more time together.

Alec: There is not enough of me, or my leader!

ME: Noted. Next, what do you want to see going forward in the novel?

Nakoma: A happily-ever-after. I suffer too much!

Jay: The Stones…I kind of need them…

Daisy: Death! And destruction!

ME: Okay… I cannot guarantee anything, though. Falia?

Falia: I’d like us to win the war. And for Nakoma to be okay! My goodness, I forgot about Nakoma!

Nakoma: O.O

ME: Sisterly love… :P Marian, you’ve been quiet. What do you want?

Marian: Crimson Rising defeated. And all those weird, rainbow-eyed monsters gone.

ME: O.O But Nakoma’s your daughter…

Marian: I don’t care. That idiotic Cadmium almost killed Falia!

ME: Alec, what do you want to happen with CR?

Alec: I want us to rule the world, of course!

ME: And why did you put Silas and Daisy in charge–Silas! I nearly forgot you were here. Thoughts?

Silas: Nakoma is so naïve; she doesn’t know anything. I hope she dies. And I am happy ruling Hermosa.

ME: ‘Kay… Back to Alec. Why did you put Silas and Daisy in charge of Hermosa?

Alec: They are loyal. I know they would never go against me.

Daisy: *snickers* You never know what can happen…

ME: OMG. Can you say plot twist?

Nakoma: That would be crazy. I doubt it, though. I saw her fade away…

ME: You’ve all told me things you want to happen in the long run, but how about in the next chapter or so?

Nakoma: I want to get to CR.

Jay: To find out what Christelle was doing when she found me.

Silas: Avoid the war.

Daisy: You coward! I want to fight.

ME: Short term, please.

Silas: We don’t even have a POV!

ME: Point taken… Alec?

Alec: Find Nakoma and her gang and get them.

BTW, imagine the other characters don’t know what will happen… The only flaw!

Marian: Go to Crimson Rising and defeat them before Nakoma does.

Falia: Go to CR, when Nakoma gets better.

ME: Last question. Do you want people to die, and if so, who? And who do you think I will choose to kill?

Jay: Um, Crimson Rising?

ME: Okay, besides your mortal enemies.

Jay: No one! But I have a feeling you’ll kill of Falia…

Falia: O.O No! Kill… *whispers in my ear*

ME: *grins* Good idea, Falia.

Nakoma: I think I’ll die, since I’m the main character.

Alec: I don’t really care if any of my soldiers die, as long as it’s for Crimson Rising. I bet you’ll kill Roxane or Daisy.

Daisy: I’d love LOTS of deaths. > : )

ME: Well, that wraps this lovely meeting up. Again, thank you for coming. I may meet with you soon.

*everyone leaves*

I hope you enjoyed that! I sure did.

How do you like the plot so far, what do you want to happen next, and who do you think will die? Tell me in the comments below.

P.S. I’m seeing Wicked today! [Actually, I’m writing this Saturday and posting Sunday; I’m sneaky.] So excited!!!



Chapter Twenty-two has been put up. Read, comment, critique.

AND check out my friend Willa’s new blog (her first one didn’t quite work out). Go here to view it. It’s for geeks, mostly, but I think it will mostly be about her life, random topics, and her awesome humor. She doesn’t currently have a “follow” button, but keep checking. ;)

I am actually writing! Isn’t that a miracle? I’m so sorry for not updating Nakoma for a while. But, finally, twenty-two, and then twenty-three, in Nakoma’s POV (unlike 22, which is Jay’s).

I’m going to try to interview a cartoonist, interview an author, and make a TBR page. So stay tuned! I don’t, however, know if the interview will work out…We’ll see.


Poll Time!

Sorry that I forgot to do a poll yesterday (Saturday). I had everything figured out, but my thoughts got scattered, and well, it just went downhill from there. And so, without further adieu, the poll!

Please answer honestly, because I need the advice. If you have any other ways of dealing with pain and the like, tell me in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Right now I’m on page 440-something in City of Heavenly Fire–be prepared for a review soon! I’m not sure if I should have spoilers in it or not. I might do both, because it’s just so–AAH!


I am typing away at Nakoma, but I just realized a stupid mistake on my part.

embarrassed animated GIF

I will now have to do a major rewrite. Yay!!! -_- Anyway, it’s coming along. It is not, however, going to be ready for querying by November. Chloe, what were you thinking?! Maybe I’ll finish by then. I’m lucky if I’ll be querying by January. At least that’s what I’m aiming for.

For readers of TIMV, I will post on Monday for MHM. Otherwise, no major happenings. I don’t feel the need to post. Sorry to those of you waiting. There’s always YouTube…

Right! I just remembered. Remember a loooong time ago when I did the poll about the real book VS ebook debate? Do you remember if you voted and said you loved it and would like to participate? If so, please comment below with your name, blog URL, and your position (real book or ebook). If you either didn’t vote or…something else, but would like to participate, comment below with your name, blog URL and position. Sorry for those non-bloggers interested! It would be too hard, I’m afraid.

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I said I was sorry!

So, anyway, vote, comment, like, follow–you know.

signature2PS Don’t you love my signature? “In the text” instead of “in the flesh”? Cute, right?