Revealing My New Novel

Almost everyone has been asking me about my new novel.

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Pinterest, you probably know more about it than others. Anyway, today I am going to tell you about my new novel. It is still untitled, because I feel like if I title something, not only am I unable to easily change the title, but it puts a box around what will happen in it, and I haven’t written it yet, so things are bound to change.

Let me first introduce you to the characters.

Jack is the main male character. I’m not sure about his last name yet. He is 17 and bisexual or pansexual. I am not sure yet, and once you learn about the female lead, maybe some people who know more about LGBTQ+ things could tell me which one would be more appropriate? He spends a lot of his time on Twitter and Tumblr. He came out ot his family when he was fifteen, and they were very supportive of him. So were his friends. Jack likes to read John Green books, listen to The Script, and eat red velvet cake.

 Margot is the main female character. She is 17, too. Actually, her birth name is Milo. If you haven’t caught it by now, Margot is transgender. She has not come out to her parents. [She does in the book.] She plays violin, enjoys dirt biking, and plays volleyball. She has a great group of LGBTQ+ friends on Twitter who she has come out to, and spends a lot of time tweeting them. Margot’s favorite food is pizza, and her favorite musical artist is Colbie Caillat.

This is set in September 2013-September 2014 in San Francisco, California, USA.

I actually made a graph of each chapter, the POV [because it switches], and the events. When I first sat down, I was completely overwhelmed, but I did it! So now I know everything I’m going to write–I just have to write it.

Here is a picture of my chapters graphed out:



That probably gives you most of the plot, but if not, here is a synopsis.

Jack, a pansexual teen.

Margot, a transgender teen.

Once they meet, both of their lives change. They instantly become friends, sharing their deepest secrets and insecurities. After a roadtrip along the California coast, Jack encourages Margot to come out to her parents. And when she does, her world comes crashing down around her.

Dun dun dun dun…

I know it’s not the greatest synopsis, because I’m trying not to give a lot away, but it’ll do for now.

I also have a timeline of how long it will take me, and the number of words per day.

741 words per day

5,187 words per week

20,748 words per month

To get 80k, it will take me 3-4 months. I’m shooting for 3 months, though, because April will come and with that Camp NaNoWriMo, and I’d like to do a different project for that.* So I’m going to write my butt off, while doing school things, too. And that will be Science Fair, and then–oh, yeah, I forgot–a hero’s quest story for English, which will take up my time, too. Joy.

*Yes, I know, I’m a writing machine.

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I’ve been watching a lot of videos about trans teens and kids to get more information and stuff, because I don’t want any of the things in my book to be incorrect.

Here is a short movie about a transgender boy…

and here is a longer documentary about a few trans kids…

On a partially related note, I don’t know if any of you know about Leelah Alcorn. Engie @ Musings From Neville’s Navel did a great post about her, and there are several tweets, too.

Leelah’s parents refused to accept her for who she is, and because of this, she committed suicide. My heart breaks for her.

Leelah was part of the inspiration for my new novel, which is why I put her in this post.

There are two petitions I’d like everyone to sign and share that concern Leelah’s death and trans people.

One is a request for Leelah’s mother to put her real name on her gravestone, instead of her birth name.

The second asks our president, Barack Obama, to introduce a bill that bans conversion therapy all across the USA. Currently, it is only illegal in two states.

Please sign the petitions; they need a lot of supporters.

Are you interested in my new novel? And would anyone like to beta for it? Tell me in the comments below. Also, MHM signup is open until 8PM PST time today. Go here to sign up.

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Cover for Starlight and Synopsis PLUS Where to Read It and Beta

Hello, blogglings.*

*Yes, I am quite aware of the long title. And I am not sorry.

I have done some things with Starlight. I made a cover, and a synopsis.


In a land full of fantastical creatures and few pureblood humans, a warlock by the name of Starlight is captured by the Court. Imprisoned and tried, she is found guilty of using magic against a human. Starlight is sentenced to Terram Nox, past the boundaries of her land, and into unknown territory, to die. However, a mysterious man accompanies her, determined to let her live.
Little does this man know, Starlight is not only attempting to survive the month of exile, but she is trying to find her dragon father, in hopes that he will lead her to her long-lost mother. As Starlight goes deeper and deeper into the Land of Night, she finds herself slipping away, becoming part of the shadows.
Will Starlight ever find her parents? Or will she become a shadow, forever tied to the evil land? And will she learn to trust and find friendship in the one who wants it most?

Are you intrigued?

I’ve also made it possible for you to read it! I published it on Figment, a great website to share your writing. You can view Starlight here. For those of you who don’t have Figment accounts, I will tell you when I update it and post the link here.

Let’s talk about beta readers.

I’d really like a few people I can send each chapter to and get feedback on it. If you’re interested, tell me in the comments below. Consider the following before jumping to the chance:

  1. Will you give honest feedback?
  2. Will you give constructive criticism?
  3. Are you an experienced novelist?
  4. Are you interested in my novel?

If you said “yes” to any of these, why don’t you comment below?

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School is almost out! Just a few days to go and then we’re on break. :)

I hope you like Starlight and are considering being my beta reader. :) Also, if you haven’t follow me on Twitter; my username is @revelinginwords. If you don’t have Twitter, not to worry. If you look at the sidebar you can see all of my tweets!


My New Novel: Starlight

Happy Friday! :)

I decided I’ll tell you about my current story/novel/project/thing, Starlight. [Or so it is currently named. IDK.]

I started it when I was reading some blog posts about world-building. I began to create my own fantasy world, and a story was born! I didn’t really outline, besides the world-building, so I don’t know if it will happen. But I’m in that euphoria-feeling when you first start a story, y’know?

Starlight is a warlock. In my world, warlocks are the offspring of a dragon [usually the father] and a pureblood human [usually the mother]. So the dragon in the background of the third image is her father, Deadwood. Starlight’s full name is Starlight Xena Aquarine. She has RED hair, blue eyes, and skin so pale that you can see her veins. She can change the color of her skin tone as she pleases; sometimes it changes with her emotions, if they’re really strong.

So now, my world-building, which inspired my story. I created a government, military, social class system, a bit of religion [still developing], the creatures that live in this world, and a map!

GOVERNMENT: It is a matriarchy, which means women are in dominance. I thought this would be a cool twist. [And just to let you know, I am a feminist, however I don’t think women are above men. We are equal.] And in the government, there are three sections: queen, priests, and the Council. There is one queen. The queen cannot become married or have any children. They vote on women to be queen. There are two priests, who advise the queen and are her second-in-commands. The High Priest os above the other one, generally bossing her around. :P Lastly, the Council is made up of fifteen women. They also help to advise and stuff. Mostly the Council and the priests make the queen’s decisions, while she takes teh credit. Most people think the government is corrupt and untrustworthy.

MILITARY: I wasn’t sure whether to mention this or not, but whatever. All people/creatures [excluding sirens, merfolk, and dragons and other wild animals] have to fight in the military for two years once they are eighteen, unless tehy are injured. They have archers, people on horses [unless they’re centaurs or satyrs], a frontline with swords, and cannons. The queen fights. In fact, she leads the charge.


  1. Elites: They are pureblood humans and very wealthy. Usually, women from these famiies become a part of the government.
  2. Bourgeois: They are mixed blood, but part human. They are the middle class–not poor, but no rich either.
  3. Proletariat: They are mixed blood, but usually more creature than human. They are poorer.
  4. Back Alleys: They are creatures, some mixed blood. They are looked down upon and very poor. They live in the Slums.

RELIGION: Their religion is still developing, but I will tell you what I know. They worship Mother Nature, or Mater Natura. Their religion is called Bellatorum de Natura, more commonly reffered to as Bellatorum. This means “Warriors of Nature.”


  • Humans: mortal, uncommon
  • Merfolk: immortal, gender neutral, and the only way to become one is to be lured into their cove and eat any food they offer you
  • Centaurs: mortal, common
  • Satyrs: mortal, common
  • Elves: mortal, common, age one year in half a human year
  • Nymphs: mortal, uncommon, age five years for one human year
  • Sirens: immortal, uncommon, female only, cannot produce offspring, sirens are made by a child being stolen and forced to eat magic underwater
  • Vampires: immortal unless injured/killed by a pureblood human, common
  • Werewolves: mortal, common
  • Warlocks: immortal if they choose to be, otherwise they age like humans, uncommon, try to stay hidden
  • Dragons: uncommon, do not age but can die if injured or sick, when they mate with a pureblood human their offspring is a warlock

Here is an excerpt:

The priest, Roselle, sighed and placed the parchment onto the mahogany table in front of her. She hated warlock trials.

She eyed her colleagues. High Priest Ingrid sat in her chair with her back perfectly straight, her mouth set in a grim line that matched her stormy gray-eyed expression. Ingrid’s hands were clasped tightly on the table. Her graying blonde hair was in a braid down her back. She wore the white High Priest robes and a necklace of delicate beadwork was draped over her shoulders and around her neck, gracing her bosom.

The fifteen women of the Council sat, expressions taught, simple gray dresses as their clothing. All their hair, ranging from the palest blonde to the deepest brown, was in a bun. They seemed to be copies of each other.

That was what Roselle could not stand. The sameness of it all, the identical robes and hair and faces. She reveled in seeing creatures other than humans; they were beautiful, all different, none of them clones. None of the merfolk had the same color scales; the elves all wore different eyes and lips and noses; the centaurs sported all shades of coats.

Sometimes, secretly, Roselle envied the hated creatures.

High Priest Ingrid coughed. The Council rose and bowed, as was the custom. Roselle stood and nodded at Ingrid to begin the trial.

“Guards, bring in the warlock,” Ingrid ordered.

The two women standing at the doorway, swords and shields in hand, nodded quickly. Their armor made soft clinking noises as they walked down the noiseless hall of the Cubiculum. There was a room at the end of the hall, Roselle knew, made of diamond and iron. The diamond prevented magic to be used, and iron was the best metal to use. Especially for a prison.

Just as soon as they’d left, the two guards returned, the warlock in between them. Roselle’s heart melted as soon as she saw the girl. Her wild red–literally, red, not auburn or orange–hair was knotted in a wild mane. Her eyes were brilliantly blue, electrifying and piercing. She wore a shirt and pants, now dirtied and torn. Her exposed arms and face were pale, her veins sticking out.

“Starlight Aquarine,” Ingrid began, “we are here to prove whether or not you are guilty of hoarding magic and assaulting an innocent, unarmed, pureblood human. This crime is of the gravest significance, and the penalty is death.”

Roselle saw Starlight’s skin shudder and turn green. So this girl could change, she thought. I wish I could– She cut herself off. No. You are a pureblood human. You do not wish such fantastical wishes.

“We will bring in a series of four witnesses,” the High Priest continued. “But, first, I need to ask you a few questions. Do I have your utmost attention and the pledge of honesty?”

The question was rhetorical. You were forced to give your “utmost attention” and agree to the “pledge of honesty.”

“Yes, madame,” the warlock confirmed in a small voice. She was shaking in between the guards.

“Who is your mother?” Ingrid asked first. “Roselle, write this down.”

Roselle obeyed and dipped her quill in the indigo ink: dragon blood. She felt cruel to use it while a warlock was in the room–for all they knew, it could be the blood of her parent. But she began to transcribe what the young warlock said in careful handwriting.

“I never knew my mother,” Starlight said plainly. “She when when I was eight rotations old. I don’t remember much of her.”

“How curious,” Ingrid mused, playing with the girl. “Usually the females raise the children, since they are human. Who raised you, then?”

“My father,” she responded, not elaborating.

“And where is your father now?”

“He left when I was fourteen,” Starlight said. “The others in Mystica Silva said he crossed to Terram Nox through Pedum Ingressu, but I am not sure.”

“So you lived in Silva,” Ingrid said. “Interesting. What is your father’s name?”

Starlight fiddled with her hair. “Deadwood.”

The questions continued, the answers becoming curiouser and curiouser. Roselle began to become fond of the warlock girl, and was sad that she would be killed. But that was the way it was in the kingdom; it was the way it always had been, and Roselle was sure it would always be this way.

Finally, the questions came to a close and the first witness was brought in: a grown man, gaunt and dark-haired. His clothes were a bit used but respectable. He looked like a Bourgeois.

“Tristan Fawn,” Ingrid said. She then turned to Roselle and added in a whisper, “He has some elf blood a few generations back, but he’s mostly pure. I trust him.”

Roselle nodded mutely and Ingrid turned back to the Council and witness.

“Will you answer all of my questions honestly?” she asked. “Do you swear yourself to the queen and her kingdom?”

“Yes, madame,” Tristan murmured.

“Good. Let us commence.” Ingrid glanced down at a piece of parchment. “Did you see this warlock attack a human?”

“Yes, madame.”

“Please describe the event. Roselle–write this down.”

Tristan proceeded to explain what he saw. “I was in the market, madame, buying food for my family, when all of a sudden this warlock burst out from behind a tent and shot some fire out of her hands and at this woman. The woman screamed and ran.”

“Thank you, Tristan,” Ingrid said, looking pointedly at Roselle. “You are dismissed.”

Two more witnesses entered and left, each one with the same story. Roselle soon became bored and studied her fingernails. They were pale and rounded, smooth and perfect. When she was younger she used to bite them, but soon grew out of the habit once she entered the Academia. They didn’t permit bad habits; if they caught you biting your nails or some other nasty habit, they’d whip you with a stick.

“Roselle!” Ingrid exclaimed sharply.

“High Priest,” Roselle managed to get out.

Her face flushed crimson. Roselle ducked her head in shame. Priests were not supposed to daydream or study their nails. They had to be alert at all times. And Roselle had failed.

“The last witness will be entering,” Ingrid announced. “She is not just a witness, though, she is the victim.”

I hope you enjoyed learning about my new novel! I will try very hard to finish it. :)